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Every day we produce loads of data about ourselves simply by living in the modern world: we click web pages, shop with credit cards, and make cell phone calls. Companies like Yahoo! and Google are harvesting an average of 2,500 details about each of us every month. Who is looking at this data and what are they doing with it? Journalist Stephen Baker explores these questions and provides us with a fascinating guide to the world we're entering—and to the people controlling that world. The Numerati have infiltrated every realm of human affairs, profiling us as workers, shoppers, voters, potential terrorists—and lovers. The implications are vast. Privacy evaporates. Our bosses can monitor our every move. Retailers can better tempt us to make impulse buys. But the Numerati can also work on our behalf, diagnosing an illness before we're aware of the symptoms, or even helping us find our soul mate. Entertaining and enlightening, The Numerati shows how a powerful new endeavor—the mathematical modeling of humanity—will transform every aspect of our lives.

Todos los departamentos. Ir Buscar Hola Elige tu ... The Numerati is a story about human invention, creativity, and the thirst to understand and predict human behavior in the digital age." "Steve Baker puts his finger on perhaps the most important cultural trend today: the explosion of data about every aspect of our world and the rise of applied math gurus who know how to use it. The Numerati: How They'll Get My Number and Yours: In Which They'll Get My Number and Yours: Stephen Baker: Libros en idiomas extranjeros THE NUMERATI de STEPHEN BAKER.

He explains how the initial goal of this data capture and analysis is typically to identify sets of characteristics, which makes it easier to manage the billions ... Así comienza The Numerati [thenumerati] de Stephen L. Baker [stephenbaker] y no hay mejor manera de resumirlo.